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To tan can or not to tan can? I have been hearing this question come up more and more…

Urban Tan | Tanning Salon

Why is a session in a tan can better than outdoor tanning? Well, tanning at Urban Tanning Salon Cape Town is a perfect way to expose your skin to a controlled source of UV light

How long should you spend on your sunbed?

This depends to a large extent on your skin type. The more sensitive your skin is to sunlight, the shorter the time. As a general rule, there are three recommended exposure times:

• Fair skin – 10 mins front, 10 mins back – 20 mins total time
• Normal skin – 20 mins front, 20 mins back – 40 mins total time
• Dark skin – 30 mins front, 30 mins back – 60 mins total time

Remember that ‘total times’ are halved when using a double sunbed.

Tips for a ‘great’ tan

• If possible take a shower or bath before each session because clean skin tans better.
• Use our special ‘UVA Tanning Cream’ containing a built-in tan accelerator, essential moisturisers, and collagen
• Your skin type will determine how long it takes to achieve an attractive tan. If you tan easily in normal sunlight you will notice your tan after about one week of daily sessions.
• Sunbeds emit pleasant warmth and sessions are relaxing. Set the timer and let the sunbed do the rest.

Is tanned skin a damaged skin?

No! Tanning of the skin is the body’s natural mechanism to protect against exposure and overexposure to UV rays. When exposed to UV rays cells in our skin are triggered into action releasing melanin, which ‘brown’ as they rise to the skin’s surface. This is what produces a ‘tan’. UV rays will also activate another mechanism which is the thickening of the outer epidermis layer of the skin. This can take 2-5 days, so rushing the natural process by subjecting the skin to too much UV will result in sunburn and signs of prolonged exposure, e.g. skin aging.

What real evidence is there that links sunbed use to cancer?

Despite what you may read in the tabloids, medical research is unable to link the recent incidence of skin cancer to the use of sunbeds. What has become obvious though, is that burning your skin particularly at a young age is more likely to lead to problems. Whilst tanning in natural sunlight is uncontrolled and difficult to monitor, sunbed use provides the control needed to avoid the problems associated with burning your skin. The type of sunbed and length of the session must all be considered when developing a personalised tanning program. Over-use, as with overexposure to UV rays and natural sunlight, will not avoid the pitfalls associated with burning. However, used sensibly sunbeds provide a more controlled environment in which to tan.

How many subed sessions should you have?

This is highly dependent on your skin type. The general rule is to start with 20 sessions (5 per week) and thereafter continue at the rate of 2-3 times per week in order to maintain that ‘special glow’. This will ensure that you avoid over-exposure and should be especially heeded by those with fair skins.

Do you have to use creams?

Firstly, all perfumes and makeup should be removed and you should ideally take a shower or bath beforehand because a clean skin always tans more easily. We recommend our special UVA Tanning Cream for use with sunbeds. It contains a built-in tan accelerator, essential moisturisers, and collagen. It is not advisable that you use any cream with an SPF (Skin Protection Factor) in it, as you would have to spend longer on your sunbed.

What about my skin ‘drying up’?

Provided that tanning times are adhered to, a sunbed should not dry up your skin. However, it is recommended that you use the ‘UVA Tanning Cream’ mentioned above or a good moisturiser after each session.

What will happen if you fall asleep?

Nothing. The sunbed has a resettable timer which automatically switches off when your time has elapsed.
‘I have used a sunbed before and have felt it was a complete waste of money as my skin did not change color.’