Urban Tanning Salon Cape Town ensures an excellent tan without any risk of sunburn. The skin sensor measures a personalized UV mix meaning every user can obtain optimum tanning results, whilst at the same time benefiting from the biopositive effects of the sun. Here at Urban Tanning Salon Cape Town we offer single sessions or discounted prepaid courses.

Urban Tanning Salon Cape Town

Welcome!  The newest and most exciting Tanning Salon in Cape Town is a premier indoor suntanning salon featuring the newest sunless equipment in an upbeat, modern atmosphere.

Here at Urban Tanning Salon Cape Town, we believe tanning is a natural and intended process of the body with beautiful benefits when practiced in moderation.

The team at Urban Tanning Salon Cape Town believe the correct spirit of indoor tanning care is to educate people to minimize the risks of overexposure (sunburn) while still allowing them to enjoy regular exposure to a healthy glow.

Tanning Salon and Collagen in Cape Twon

Next Level Tanning

at Urban Tan

Your time is valuable and so is your tan…. now you can have it all!  Level 4 sunbed delivers an instant, deep bronze color that seems to last forever!   High-pressure lamps minimize reddening and exfoliation, so your tan lasts 2-3 time longer and your skin stays extra soft.  It’s perfect for any skin type. All this and more you will find at Urban Tanning Salon in Cape Town.

  • 5-10x faster

  • Darkest

  • Most comfort

  • Most even results

Collagen Treatment

at Urban Tan

For me, a natural sceptic, this investigation provided long and sometimes tedious reading, but, it opens your eyes to the fact that we have a very effective, comfortable and convenient way of turning the tide on the ageing process to which we are all affected.
Collagen red light therapy can now be available to all simply by using a sunbed which is fitted with special Collagen tubes.

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